Fauquier Education Farm

Relocation Management

PSG provides a Relocation Master Program complete with a review and analysis of the clients’ need and including a Master Relocation Management Schedule with key milestone dates and a Master Budget showing expenditures and other ancillary costs.
We work with our clients on developing an Inventory - Purge, Salvage, and Disposal plan and coordinate the purge activities, in addition to asset management.

PSG fully engages with the relocation vendor selection and management. We coordinate all pre-move activities and develop, publish and distribute a comprehensive Move Packet designed to provide employees with relevant information regarding the impending relocation.

Move Day activities are orchestrated by our Relocation Managers overseeing the activities of the selected move company. We provide on-site management and conduct pre-move checkouts.
One of our clients’ desired service is our post-move Help Desk and task-tracking system to make sure each detail is completed to satisfaction.